A message from Calicom.net:

Calicom.net has transferred its services to Sonic.net. This move has been a hard decision to make for the board members of Calistoga Network Inc. (dba. Calicom Internet Service), We have made this move to provide all of the Calicom customers with better service and reliability. All of us at Calicom have worked long and hard over the years to better our services and this move will provide its customers even more abilities and expanded services, some will also find that their monthly cost will go down.

Calicom's customers have been the best people that I have ever known and I could only wish that we could continue as Calicom, but this move is for the betterment of the service and it's future.

Daniel Torquato, President of Calistoga Network Inc.

The name of Calicom.net will still remain and all customers that have email addresses with the name Calicom.net will still be able to use these with their new service at Sonic.net. Companies holding Domains at Calicom.net will be migrated to the servers at Sonic.net and these will provide even more abilities and stability than Calicom has been able to provide in the past.

We will do our best to provide all customers with a smooth transition in the matter and we wish you all the best in your new service with Sonic.net

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